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Competition information

Competitions under Ridderuka 2018: 

Wednesday 14 March - Skiing

Distance: 5 km for women and men (3 rounds cross-country skiing a 1.6 km, 2 shootings)

Thursday 15th March - Cross Country Skiing with Inland Norgescup

Distances: 5 km for women and 10 km for men

Thursday 15th March - Snowboarding

Friday 16 March - Storslalåm

Saturday 17th March - Ridderrennet (cross country skiing)

General provisions:

1. The organizer can merge classes with 3 or fewer participants.

2. The classes under 21 will not be merged.

3. The jury may, based on the weather, lead and the participants' safety, change the race rates and reduce the number of participants in the competition.

4. All skating is prohibited in the training and competition slots.

5. Those participating in the competition classes must come up with their own help.

6. There are two tracks for all competitions. Participants shall use HIGHER RULE as far as possible so that LEFT track is open for passport. Where circumstances make it possible, two sets of double traces will be attempted to avoid killing on the trail.

7. In case of dirt, lubrication of skis etc., the participant must seek to get out of the main tracks so that collisions can be avoided.

8. The skis must be prepared well in advance of the competition.

9. The escort must contact his participant the day before the competition and no later than two hours before the first start or by appointment.

10. Companion and participant should lubricate their skis with the same lubrication.

11. The companion should, by asking the participant, seek to arrive at the form of companion that the participant is most benefiting from.

12. The companion will ensure that the runner returns to his accommodation after the competition.

13. Driving dogs are not allowed on the slopes.

14. Protests in relation to the unofficial result list attached to the SAS hotel must be the secretariat within 1 hour after the last participant has reached a target.

Info about the jury in the different exercises:

Jury Cross Country Skiing / Skiing: Head Leader, Running Manager, TD Skiing / Skiing Association and Event Manager (Chairman).

Jury Alpine: Ruler, Judge, TD.

Jury snowboard: Running leader, TD, starter and timer.

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