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Guides / Companions

Under Ridderuka, anyone who wishes it will be awarded a companion who is with you during daytime training and competitions. The companions come from Norway's Norwegian High School, Lillehammer University College, Telemark University College, Valdres People's High School and Center for Physical Fostering / Navy.

You can also bring your own regular companion under Ridderuka. The costs associated with these companions and assistants are not covered by the Knight Run, which you must arrange for yourself.

If you do not need a companion, you will inform this in the online registration.

For those who have ordered a companion in the online registration, attendees will be allocated Sunday at 8:00 pm and until the opening ceremony.

If you arrive at Beitostølen later than Sunday, attending a companion will be done every morning (Monday to Friday) at 9.00 - 9.30 in the Radisson Info Desk.


 If you need assistance outside of training and competition, you must bring your own companion / assistant. Ridderrenn's companions do not have the capacity for assistance in addition to training / competitions.

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