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Information Ridderruka 2018

Ridderuka 2018 takes place from 11th to 18th of March at Beitostølen, Norway for the 55th. time.  

Age limit
The participants at Ridderuka are visually impaired or disabled and have reached the age of 15 years. No upper age limit.

10-14 year olds can participate in snowboarding, giant slalom and in the competition class at Ridderrennet, ie exercises on Thursday, Friday and Saturday during Ridderuka. The only criteria for participation is that the 10-14 year olds have their own companions/guides and settle on their own. 

Under the Ridderuka, anyone who needs and wish can have an assigned companion/guide free of charge. Together the skier and the companion/guide take part in various ski activities of their choice at daytime all week.  The companions come from, among others, Norwegian school of Sport Sciences (NIH), Lillehammer University College (HiL), Telemark University College (HiT), Valdres Folk High School and the Center for Physical Fostering in the Norwegian Armed Forces (the Navy).

IMPORTANT: If you need assistance outside of training and competition, please bring your own companion / assistant. Ridderrennet's companions/guides do not have the capacity to assist in addition to training and competition.

You can have your own regular companion under Ridderuka. Costs associated with these companions and other assistants are not covered by the association Ridderrennet.

Support for participants does not include the companion. So if you are a member of our Association and are eligible for membership fees under Ridderuka, this is unfortunately not true for your companion/guide. Companion/guides pay full price.

If you do not need a companion, you will notify this in the registration. 

Anyone wishing to participate in the Ridderuka must have their own equipment. Ski must be cleaned when you arrive at Beitostølen. Ski equipment can be rented at Beitostølen. It will be possibilities to test sit skis etc. and 

It can be from +10 to -15 degrees. Therefore, remember clothes for different conditions. We

Waxing service:
SWIX is our sponsor and assists daily with waxing of skis. This wax service is free of charge.

If your skis need main preparation, this can be done at a good price at Sport1 or Intersport at Beitostølen. 

Tracks and slopes
Ridderuka is arranged every year at Beitostølen in Valdres. Under Ridderuka you can practice cross-country skiing, snowboarding, alpine skiing and snowshoeing. Beitostølen and Beitostølen Helsesportssenter (BHSS) offers an outstanding network of cross-country skiing tracks special adapted to you with visual or physical impairment. Alpine and snowboarding takes place in the Olabakken at Beitostølen. Competitions in snowboard and alpine are also held in the same slopes close to the hotel. 

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